Mio H610 - is it really what women want?

Be honest with me now.  Do women actually need their own, specially-designed sat-nav?  Mio seems to think so, although "specially-designed" to them appears to mean "slap some flowers on it".  The H610 has the dubious pleasure of being the first GPS unit aimed squarely at woman, costing £280 ($532.50) and sporting a variety of interchangeable bezels.  There are maps of 24 European countries as well as in excess of 1.8 million TeleAtlas POI, but of course women will be more interested in the clothing size conversion calculator also built-in. 

I find myself more than a little embarrassed on Mio's behalf.  How they ever thought this was a good idea is beyond me; I can only assume they looked at the fad for aftermarket cellphone shells back in the days of the Nokia 3360 and thought they could cash in six years later.

Mio [via Pocket-lint]