21st Century Coffee Machine Warns You Of The Weather

Remember SPOT, Microsoft's wireless information service that has been built into a number of mediocre watches?  It was heralded as the best thing since sliced yams; instant updates on stocks & shares, weather, news and information from your Exchange server, delivered to your wrist in the "100 top US metropolitan areas" for a monthly fee.  Yet to take off, SPOT is surreptitiously making its way into another area of your life – your morning brew, via the Milette Smart Mill & Brew "intelligent coffee pot".

Capable of making filter coffee from beans either pre-ground or whole, with a permanent stainless-steel basket, warming plate with auto-shut-off and brew timer, the large back-lit LCD display can show a variety of weather conditions: current weather, daily forecast and probability of rain, as well as sunrise & sunset.

It costs $200.

Milette Smart Mill & Brew [via Gizmag]