10 uses for your old outdated DS

With as fast as technology gets updated, those of us that are gadget hungry are always stuck with outdated devices and that goes for gaming gadgets too. I have had an old DS that hasn't been touched for quite some time and I've been debating what on earth to do with it. For those that do have an extra DS, you can go here and check out ten different uses for it.

Of course for some there is a family member or close friend to pass it off to, whether for free or for cheap. Yet, in my case all my gaming friends and family already have the newer version of the DS.

The ideas range from using it as a mouse to auctioning it off and donating the proceeds to Child's Play. I'm not really sure how well they sell on eBay, but I know I've considered trading mine into the local Game Stop until I found out I would get practically nothing for it. With ten different ideas, hopefully you'll find a nice use for your discarded DS.

[via joystiq]