Zune Wireless Update

Oct 3, 2006
Zune Wireless Update

Bugger.  Check out our latest Zune DRM Update...

Looks like we may have blogged too soon about the Zune's WiFi being crippled - Zune-Online.com left the following comment on our last Zune post:

"The 3 days or 3 plays restriction applies only if the song has been bought by a friend of yours from the Zune marketplace and he decides to send it to you to listen. You can listen to it 3 times, or keep it no more than 3 days. After that you Zune device still remembers it, but now you have to buy it to listen again.

BUT if a friend of yours sends you an MP3 or any other non-DRM song, you can keep it FOREVER"

This is, as you will agree, excellent news.  Nobody expected Microsoft to allow the copying of DRM-encrypted tracks between players with zero restrictions, but up until now all the reports have indicated that all tracks would be subject to the same 3 day limitations.  To find out that's not true is great!

All of a sudden, Zune is back in the competition for me.

[Thanks to Zune-Online.com for the info]

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