Yahoo boosts Flickr storage to one terabyte, reboots Android app

May 20, 2013
Yahoo boosts Flickr storage to one terabyte, reboots Android app

This week amid word that the company had purchased Tumblr to give its youth segment a boost, the company made use of the press it'd been given for a couple boosts to Flickr. Having acquired Flickr back in 2005 to the tune of $35 million USD, it's no wonder that a $1.1 billion dollar cost for Tumblr continues to hold sway over the press - especially before it was formally announced. Here with Flickr, Yahoo is bringing on a full a terabyte in storage to compete with Google's base free offering and makes with a new Android app to boot.

The new Flickr app for Android takes on what'd been released earlier this year for iOS and retrofits it to the Google-made mobile operating system. Flickr's main draw this week is the ability to retain the full quality of each photo your device takes in full-sized automatic uploads. Announced this week for Google's social network was a boost in space as well - but without full-sized saving on lock.

Above: Flickr's new web-based user interface. Below: out with the old!


As Yahoo gives a base boost of 1TB of space, Google+ Photo uploads sits at 15GB, split between Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+ Photos. Yahoo continues to compete against new Google+ photo abilities run by Snapseed as well, working with home-grown instant-fix abilities and retro filters galore.


The Android app works with the endless scrolling abilities that the internet interface also now employs, making full use of the full-sized photo deployment that the Flickr ecosystem will flaunt forevermore. Both the web interface and the Android UI have been updated today alongside an iOS update that adds a few bug fixes coming soon. It would appear that all things follow iOS design, in this case.

[SOURCE: Yahoo on Tumblr]

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