XPERIA Play advert leaks: Gaming so good you’ll graft on thumbs

Feb 3, 2011

Sony has built something of a reputation for itself by putting together unusual, odd or vaguely unpleasant commercials in the past, but Sony Ericsson has outdone itself with its latest Android spot. Just in time for launch of the XPERIA Play at MWC 2011, everybody's favorite Android mascot gets a set of human thumbs grafted on in a leaked spot caught by DROiDNYTT.

Video after the cut

"Android is ready to play" claims the tagline, and we're about ready to throw up. Still, it also confirms the "XPERIA Play" name we've been assuming would be the launch name (rather than "PlayStation Phone") so we have to be thankful somewhere.

No word whether this will ever actually be screened or is more of an online hype-generator. We should find out more when SlashGear goes to Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks time.

[via Android Community]

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