X-Runner proves that electricity in some places really is crappy

Aug 30, 2010

This is disgusting, funny as hell, and cool all rolled into one. Plus the designer of this concept dubbed X-Runner has a sense of humor too, even if it is pretty gross. The concept is a toilet that uses number two to make power. The picture is just too funny to not write this story AND to doubly ensure than the concept appeals to the 12-year-old in me the associated Youtube flick is called Shitfilm. How can I pass this up?

Basically, this thing is a toilet that you use to drop a deuce. You can roll it around with you so when the need strikes you are golden. The toilet concepts would be usable for a week without needing to be cleaned and once full it is traded in at a plant where the processing is done.

The biogas plant where the barrel of poo is dropped off would give the user credits for cooking gas or electricity. I'd have a hard time eating anything I knew was cooked with power wrought from turds me thinks. This is an interesting concept that has good intentions. Put a couple of these in use at a chili cook-off and you would have nearly unlimited power.

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