Wrapsol Clean films prevent scratches, smudges, and reduce glare for smartphones

Oct 21, 2010

Wrapsol has been selling films to prevent scratches on various smartphones for a while now. The company has unveiled a new film called Wrapsol Clean that goes beyond just preventing scratches on your mobile device.

The new Clean film will prevent scratches, but also promises to reduce smears and smudges that collect on any touchscreen device and make it look dirty. The new film is also designed to reduce glare, which means better viewability in bright environments.

The Clean film is custom cut to fit each device it is available for and the film uses a dry installation process rather than requiring the user to spray the film and then work liquid and bubbles out from under the film during the install. The new Clean film is offered for the iPhone, iPod, MacBook notebooks, Android devices from HTC and Samsung, and many other mobile phones and gadgets.

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