Would Your Vodka Care for an Ice Jacket?

Rue Liu - Sep 25, 2006
Would Your Vodka Care for an Ice Jacket?

Be cool at your next party. Bring out the booze in style. This device, the Ice Jacket, encases your liquor in a jacket of ice. Place the liquor in the casing and seal via three clamps, pour in some warm water, place the thing in the freezer, wait a bit, take it out and let it stand for 20 min and briefly run it under warm water to release the top casing, and wah lah. Your booze got a new sexy outfit. The bottom casing remains as a drip tray for the slowly melting ice jacket. Costs about $35 US and wont be available till January 2007.

The IceJacket, Doesn’t Just Look Cool [Via: Oh Gizmo]

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