World’s Biggest iPhone is 56 iPads Stacked Together, Lands in London

Dec 20, 2010

Sure, saying that the world's biggest iPhone is a collection of iPads might degrade the whole "biggest iPhone" part, but considering how impressive this thing is to look at, hopefully we can look over the details. In any event, the huge iDevice was built up within London's St. Pancras International Train Station earlier today, to celebrate the launch of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

The stacks of iPads were put together, and then framed with the iconic black top and bottom of the iPhone, to make it look like a giant iPhone. There are 56 of the tablets installed, and all running the same looped video over and over again. Showing the mobile version of the latest Lara Croft adventure. The title is available in the App Store right now. The version for the iPad is priced at $9.99, while the iPhone and iPod Touch versions are $6.99.

[via ElectricPig]

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