With entertainment like this, who needs to get out of the tub?

Nov 21, 2006
With entertainment like this, who needs to get out of the tub?

When I'm soaping up in a nice relaxing bath, the one thing missing is a good slasher horror movie - Texas Chainsaw Massacre, perhaps, or Trouserless Zombies Do Manhattan.  Obviously I know better than to drag the TV into the bathroom; after the first few shocks I learnt my lesson, and I've almost got all the feeling in my fingers back.  Di Vapor thankfully have a better way of my getting my foamy flicks - the Cosmo Hydromassage Whirlpool Bathtub.  It not only has a range of adjustable air massage jets to frot at my underwater bits, it has an 8.5-inch LCD screen that can show anything from terrestrial TV through cable to your CCTV feed.

Apparently Di Vapor decided to build the Cosmo after having requests for a one-person version of a previous TV-boasting tub that seated two.  I guess this not only saves water, but also doesn't upset people who bathe on their own.  The Cosmo has seven big jets, nine bubble jets and six - read it and weep - six back jets.  There's also a padded head-rest for your lovely head, and a hand-held shower to hose down your legs because, let's face it, they deserve extra attention.

The Cosmo costs £2,995 ($5,677) and is available now.

Product Page [via Automated Home]

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