Wink It Keyboard for Android lets you use pictures instead of words

Feb 5, 2014

There are plenty of keyboard apps out there for users of Android smartphones. Most of the keyboards are serious bits of software that aim to make typing better than it is on the standard Android keyboard. A new keyboard app has entered beta for Android users that is not so serious.

The keyboard is called the Wink it Keyboard. The keyboard allows you to swap little pictures for words. The keyboard will make emoticon, emoji, and digital sticker suggestions to create your messages using words and images.

The keyboard will guess what word is coming next as you type and offer the digital stickers and other content to let you add them with a touch to your message. The keyboard also works with voice commands and continuous input capability like the KeyPoint Glide feature.

The keyboard is a free download and is available now. The only catch is that since it is a beta product the license is good for only 90 days. The app also supports autocorrect, shortcut creation, and more. The app is on Google Play right now.

SOURCE: Google

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