WiiChuck makes Wii controller hacks non-destructive

Aug 18, 2009

We've seen some great hacks with the Wii controllers since the console first arrived, and things could get even easier if Todbot has his way.  He's launched the WiiChuck, a tiny plug-in board that slots into the plug of the Wii Nunchuck, and allows you to access all of the controller's connections - its 2-axis joystick, two buttons and 3-axis ±2g  accelerometer - without needing to cut any of the cables.

A little soldering to the four connectors on the other end of the PCB and you've got a way to hook up to the nunchuck for your own projects but a controller you can then plug back into your Wiimote for some standard gaming.  Various open-source libraries are available, so if you've wondered about hooking the nunchuck up to an Arduino controller then here's the most non-destructive way of doing it.

The WiiChuck adapter retails for a frankly miniscule $2.95 - less if you're ordering more than a handful of them - and is available now.  More details on the hardware specifications here.


[via technabob]

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