White Beats by Dr. Dre only available in one Ron Herman boutique store

Dec 10, 2008

Dr. Dre and Monster Cable have come up with a special edition white version of Beats by Dr. Dre. This pair however is going to cost you twice as much as the original at $700. We have been asking ourselves why in the world would they cost so much?

These headphones will only be available from the Ron Herman boutique store in Los Angeles. The white Beats cost more because there a “fashion accessory” painted in Ron Herman white, blue, and gold. Ron Herman himself said, “Our Ron Herman boutiques are the quintessential environment where one can experience the unification of fashion, music and culture. Beats By Dr. Dre are more than just headphones, they are a fashion accessory.”

Monster Cable had a hard time getting these headphones out the door because of the coating. They were faced with the challenge of coating these bad boys with both a glossy coating and paint that were able to bend freely without cracking. Colorware was also in on the scheme, which boosted the price due to the cost of their services. The only thing harder than coming up with the money for these will be snatching one of only 20 pairs available. If earphones are more your kind of thing you can pick up the Dr. Dre Beats Tour for $150.

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