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Meta 1 shipping today: New AR apps demoed

Immersive wearable headset manufacturer Meta has begun shipping Meta 1, its first batch of true augmented reality glasses. 1,500 pre-order customers, mainly looking to develop apps for Meta’s unusual computing platform, will be getting units, each capable of creating a virtual office, theater, or gaming arena overlaid on top of their view of the real world.

Distracted driving laws stretch to your smartwatch

Thinking of smartwatches as sidestepping smartphones is a novel concept, but lawmakers in the UK are asking that we take a step back from that. The Department for Transportation there is asking drivers to think about how a smartwatches an contribute to distracted driving, just like a smartphone can. In fact, they’ll go after you all the same if you … Continue reading

OneNote for Android Wear app arrives on Google Play

Microsoft is bringing pieces of its own offerings to Android Wear, ensuring you can access them (to somewhat limited degrees) from your wrist and, in doing so, expanding what your wearable is capable of. OneNote for Android Wear is the latest in this effort, and it is available now.

Misfit Flash cuts wearables’ cost in half

The team at Misfit are absolutely ravenous about the expanding world of wearables. Earlier this month they revealed that they’d be working with app developers of all sorts to integrate their software for their one wearable device for free. This week they’ve released another wearable for half the price of their original device.

TAG Heuer smartwatch might be coming soon

In the near future, you might be able to buy a smartwatch, not from your favorite smartphone OEM, but from your luxury brand of choice. TAG Heuer might soon be outing its own take on the smartwatch, which might just be the opening salvo in a new trend of smart timepieces.

Moto X and Moto Hint pre-order Sept 16th plus more Moto 360

Motorola fans should get their wallets ready for this coming Tuesday, September 16th, with devices like the Moto X for AT&T, the Moto Hint, and a Moto X version intended for tinkerers all going up for preorder. The sales, which will take place through Motorola’s own online store, will also include fresh stock of the Moto 360 smartwatch, which we … Continue reading

Five reasons why you shouldn’t buy a smartwatch yet

With the long anticipated release of Apple Watch this past week, the company behind it put a lot of coal in the engine of the wearable train. For a solid year, the world hemmed and hawed about smartwatches, waiting to see what Apple would do. Now that they’re officially in the mix, here are a few reasons to sit this … Continue reading

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Moto 360 Review: Flawed Charm

The Moto 360 has a lot to live up to. Motorola’s wearable spoiled our first taste of Android Wear smartwatches back in July, leaving the first square-faced examples to run the platform looking hopelessly geeky in comparison. Arguably the closest to a regular watch in design we’ve seen so far, and – though the Apple Watch may respectfully disagree – … Continue reading

VivaLnk Digital Tattoo Review: An Android’s best friend

When we first heard about digital tattoos, the thought of forever bonding one’s self with technology that could very well be outdated by the time the art was done seemed… less than appealing. As it turned out, Motorola’s first chatter on the next level in the wearables game wasn’t quite so permanent. This week we’re having a peek at the … Continue reading

LG G Watch Review: Android Wear goes square

LG is one of the first onboard with Android Wear, and the G Watch is its first gambit in Google’s new smartwatch segment. Unlike the flashier Samsung Gear Live, and the eye-catching – but not yet available – MOTO 360, the G Watch has taken a more discrete route to the wrist. I’ve comprehensively reviewed Android Wear separately, so this … Continue reading

Samsung Gear Live Review: Goodbye Tizen, hello Android Wear

Samsung isn’t short on smartwatches right now, but it couldn’t resist adding another to the roster with Android Wear, Google’s play for the wearable space. Launching alongside LG’s G Watch, the Samsung Gear Live borrows heavily from the Tizen-powered Gear 2 Neo, though with some Google Now sparkle thrown in too. I’ve reviewed Android Wear in full separately, so this … Continue reading

Android Wear Review: Your wrist just got smarter

I’ve wanted Google Now on my wrist since Google’s contextual engine was officially announced. Android Wear, revealed at I/O last week, is the first stage in Google’s mainstream play for the wearables space, at launch effectively the Android notifications tray delivered to your wrist. That’s something we’ve seen tried before, from Pebble and others, but with Google Now there’s the … Continue reading

Epson Moverio BT-200 Review: Smashing Glass

Google didn’t invent wearable technology, it just made it contentious. Glass’ play for the mass-market isn’t going smoothly, but Google isn’t the only company pushing head-mounted displays. Epson’s Moverio BT-200 may have been dismissed by many as another “me too” Glass clone when it was unveiled at CES earlier this year, but in many ways it’s the true augmented reality … Continue reading

Sony Smartband review: a good start, but needs work

At the time Sony’s new wearable ambitions were announced, I noted it was to a “hushed and confused crowd”. The reason the deluge of press members at CES were silent was because nobody knew quite what to make of Sony’s Core announcement. It didn’t seem as though Sony quite knew what they wanted to relate, either. Now that the Smartband … Continue reading

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Moto 360 Review: Flawed Charm

The Moto 360 has a lot to live up to. Motorola’s wearable spoiled our first taste of Android Wear smartwatches back in July, leaving the first square-faced examples to run the platform looking hopelessly geeky in comparison. Arguably the closest to a regular watch in design we’ve seen so far, and – though the Apple Watch may respectfully disagree – … Continue reading

Apple Watch hands-on

Apple has made its play for the wearable space, and the Apple Watch will be the thundercloud hovering over all other smartwatches until it makes its retail debut next year. Unmistakably an Apple product, but with some of the innovations we’ve come to expect from the firm, it’s a confident step from an industry heavyweight into a space ripe for … Continue reading

This is the Apple Watch

Long rumored, highly anticipated, and wildly rumored — the Apple Watch is here. Today, Apple made official their first device meant to be worn. Not only their first wearable, Apple is taking smartwatches to a whole new level. Here’s what you can expect, and what it really is.

Jawbone UP API opening to iPhone, Android, WP8.1, more

Jawbone is expected to open up its platform to the movement sensors in devices other than its own UP24 fitness band, with new apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Android Wear expected over the next month. The move, which could be announced as early as tomorrow we’re told, will see Jawbone’s fitness platform pull in data from smartphones and … Continue reading

Rebuilding Moto: Motorola’s Steve Horowitz speaks

With the new Moto X further refining its flagship Android phone, the new Moto G revamping the company’s most popular smartphone ever, and Moto 360 and Moto Hint making a double play for wearables, Motorola is certainly having an interesting month. With the whispers from the Her-like Hint still echoing in my ears, I sat down with Steve Horowitz, senior … Continue reading

Will Apple’s iWatch look like Moto’s old 360?

Just this past week we released our tour of Motorola’s Chicago headquarters. Now that we’re one day away from what’s widely assumed to be Apple’s reveal of the iWatch, it’s time to take another visit. While we were at Moto’s labs we had a look at not only the Moto 360, but its predecessors, square-faced and everything.

Time for iWatch: Apple’s Beats

The company that created the iPhone is no stranger to fashion. They’ve taken cues from – and given cues to – the fashion industry for years, for everything from product presentation to in-store packaging. Even an Apple Store bag is considered a fashion accessory in malls. But Apple is about to take a much more clear step in to this … Continue reading

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