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Xbox VR headset tipped for 2015

A new head-worn virtual reality gaming device has been tipped for release next year by Microsoft. This headset would bring features that closely resemble those of Sony’s Project Morpheus for PlayStation 4, while Microsoft’s device would more likely focus on Xbox One-based gaming. Microsoft would also be competing with Oculus VR and their Oculus Rift head-worn virtual reality system which, … Continue reading

Jawbone UP3 delayed until 2015

Jawbone has delayed the release of its new flagship activity tracker, the Jawbone UP3, pushing the sensor-toting wristband back into early 2015 as it grapples with production. Announced back in November, the ambitious wearable introduces a bioimpedance sensor alongside the usual movement tracking, with which Jawbone is promising not only heart rate monitoring but – with future firmware updates – … Continue reading

Vuzix launches app store for its M100 Smart Glasses

Smartglasses are trying to get back into the limelight after briefly being upstaged by smartwatches and even virtual reality headsets. Sony just revealed its plans to develop a display module that could turn any regular eyewear into a smart one. Now, Vuzix. who has been trying to compete, or in this case out pace, Google Glass since 2013, is announcing … Continue reading

Sony announces their anti-Google Glass wearable

Sony is pretty bullish about putting a display in front of your eyes. Phones and smartwatches are already pretty well-heeled in their lineup, but incoming projects like Morpheus take you into the world of virtual reality. Now, Sony is introducing “an attachable Single-Lens Display Module”, which amounts to Google Glass you can remove. It’s also quite a bit bulkier than … Continue reading

Sony display module aims to make any eyewear smart

Smart glasses, while fancy and interesting, have the peculiar problem of usually being ugly, if not hard to personalize. Well, that and they could be used as instruments to invade privacy. Without giving up on the entire smart eyepiece category, Sony is trying to take a different spin on the wearable. Instead of a complete smart glass like Google Glass, … Continue reading

Apple Watch preorders begin with 3rd-party jeweler

It’s not entirely unlike a 3rd-party retailer to suggest that they’ve got an Apple product early. What the jeweler Mervis Diamonds has done is to put their unique version of the Apple Watch up for pre-order – even though they’re not entirely sure when the watch will be released. The Mervis Diamonds Apple Watch – their first “Watch edition” version … Continue reading

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Microsoft Band review: Flawed promise

The Microsoft Band breaks no ground in wearables, but Microsoft is hoping their submission can at least make you want to own one. The do-it-all wearable has an exhaustive list of features, and carries them across the mobile platform landscape. The aim, it seems, is to let you keep your phone in your pocket and rely almost entirely on your … Continue reading

Jaybird Reign review: in the ‘Go Zone’ of fitness wearables

At CES 2014, we named the Jaybird Reign our best wearable of the show. That wasn’t because it was pretty, had a flashy screen, or even had some other hardware tweak we hadn’t seen yet. Reign got our award based on their software, which promises a singular, holistic approach to your health status. With smart features and Jaybird’s great hardware history, … Continue reading

Misfit Flash Review

This is the story of how I became a believer in the activity tracking trend sweeping the smart device environment. While I was baffled that anyone would want to exercise in the first place back when products like Jawbone UP, Fitbit, and the Nike Fuelband were launched. Now I understand. I get why it makes sense to want to track … Continue reading

Neptune Pine review: big watch, or half a phone?

Smartwatches are all the rage, and Neptune Pine has been one that many have been anticipating for quite some time. Since its Kickstarter campaign, many have wondered if the be-all watch was worthy. Can an all-in-one watch provide enough reason to ditch your smartphone, or is it a step too far? Here’s our review, which aims to answer that very … Continue reading

Moto 360 Review: Flawed Charm

The Moto 360 has a lot to live up to. Motorola’s wearable spoiled our first taste of Android Wear smartwatches back in July, leaving the first square-faced examples to run the platform looking hopelessly geeky in comparison. Arguably the closest to a regular watch in design we’ve seen so far, and – though the Apple Watch may respectfully disagree – … Continue reading

VivaLnk Digital Tattoo Review: An Android’s best friend

When we first heard about digital tattoos, the thought of forever bonding one’s self with technology that could very well be outdated by the time the art was done seemed… less than appealing. As it turned out, Motorola’s first chatter on the next level in the wearables game wasn’t quite so permanent. This week we’re having a peek at the … Continue reading

LG G Watch Review: Android Wear goes square

LG is one of the first onboard with Android Wear, and the G Watch is its first gambit in Google’s new smartwatch segment. Unlike the flashier Samsung Gear Live, and the eye-catching – but not yet available – MOTO 360, the G Watch has taken a more discrete route to the wrist. I’ve comprehensively reviewed Android Wear separately, so this … Continue reading

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You don’t want a Samsung Gear VR

You might not want a Samsung Gear VR – not yet, anyway. The first Samsung Gear VR you’re going to see on the market – as early as this afternoon – is the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition. This may look like a consumer release, but it’s not. AT&T may be suggesting that it is, and Samsung may be suggesting … Continue reading

Here’s why Intel makes perfect sense for Google Glass v2

Guess what: Google Glass isn’t dead. The news that Intel will probably be found inside the next generation of Glass wasn’t so much a surprise for its “x86 vs ARM” narrative, but that Google was not only still committed to the wearable project but actively developing it. Although unconfirmed, as the whispers would have it, Intel’s silicon will oust the aging … Continue reading

Jawbone UP3 hands-on – Smarter sensing, cleverer coaching

If you’re going to ask someone to wear a fitness tracker 24/7, it better be good, and Jawbone believes its come up with a killer in the new UP3. It’s 30-percent smaller than Jawbone’s old flagship, with a new design from Yves Behar, but this is no simple remolding of an UP24, however. Instead, it’s the launch vehicle for the … Continue reading

Microsoft Band hands-on – Admirably Flexible Fitness

Who would’ve thought it would be Microsoft that would embrace cross-platform wearables so thoroughly, and indeed first. Microsoft Band is, on the face of it, the company’s play for the fitness and health market, trailing Android Wear to market but beating Apple Watch by a number of months. However, where Google and Apple’s approaches are resolutely wedded to their own … Continue reading

LG webOS smartwatch plans revealed

LG is working on a webOS smartwatch, bringing the reluctant-to-die platform to the wrist according to a rapidly yanked developer preview page. The company has already used webOS, which it acquired from HP back in February 2013, on select smart TV models, but it seems the company’s ambitions stretch beyond simplifying the home entertainment UI.

Why Pebble just added fitness tracking, and what comes next

Pebble is breaking into the health and fitness space, opening up its smartwatches to enable full activity and sleep tracking, with partners like Jawbone and Misfit already onboard. Meanwhile, there’s a price cut for the original Pebble and Pebble Steal, including bringing things under all-important $100 barrier. I spoke to Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky about the evolving smartwatch, and why … Continue reading

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