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SensoTRACK monitors biometric health through your ear

If you’re part of the biometric sports monitoring device craze, you’re going to want to listen up. SensoTRACK is a wearable device you attach to your ear. You’ll be able to monitor 4 major vital signs at once, count steps, and check your body position. As Dr. Vahram Mouradian, Founder and CTO of Sensogram Technologies suggests, “SensoTRACK is designed to … Continue reading

Kidizoom Smartwatch: a durable wearable for kids

Camera. Smartphone. Tablet. Smartwatch. If you have it, your kid no doubt wants to use it, and that presents a problem, as kids aren’t always gentle when handling delicate devices. That’s where kid-centric alternatives come in, such as the various tablets we’ve seen designed just for kids. If your child is pining for something a bit smaller and more wearable, … Continue reading

Zepp sports sensor now pits you against pro athletes

Zepp’s fancy sports tracking nugget could always show you how your golf or baseball swing was shaping up, but a new deal with pro-level athletes can now tell you how you compare with those earning big bucks in the sports. Zepp launched back in 2013, a 1-inch square dongle that clips to your golf glove or baseball/softball bat and comes … Continue reading

Onyx smartwatch prototype surfaces with e-ink display

Onyx apparently has a smartwatch in the works, and though there aren’t a lot of details on it at this point, a prototype has surfaced via the folks at ARMdevices. Though a smartwatch isn’t notable in and of itself at this point, the prototype stands out amongst the competition because of its display: a true e-ink offering. Though the refresh … Continue reading

Fitbit Surge leak reveals “superwatch” aspirations

After a disastrous and embarrassing episode with the recalled Force wristband, Fitbit is unsurprisingly going to make a bigger, in a positive way, splash. Early last week we saw leaks that pointed to two new products coming soon, the Flex lookalike Charge and Charge HR. Apparently, Fitbit isn’t done yet. The latest word is that the fitness company actually has … Continue reading

Microsoft’s fitness wearable said just weeks away

Microsoft’s long-rumored smartwatch plans will reach fruition in just a few weeks time, insiders claim, with what’s said to be a fitness-centric wearable expected to debut imminently. The Windows-maker’s ambitions in the space have been well whispered since last year, and as recently as June 2014 there were suggestions that the unnamed wrist-band would hit the market in October, complete … Continue reading

Glassy Pro One is a smartwatch for surfers

The average smartwatch can meet a variety of different needs, but that hasn’t stopped some companies from launching wrist-bound wearables that are designed for a specific activity. TomTom, as an example, has made a smartwatch designed for golfers. If your activity of choice involves the ocean rather than the greens, there’s a smartwatch for you: the Glassy Pro One for … Continue reading

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Misfit Flash Review

This is the story of how I became a believer in the activity tracking trend sweeping the smart device environment. While I was baffled that anyone would want to exercise in the first place back when products like Jawbone UP, Fitbit, and the Nike Fuelband were launched. Now I understand. I get why it makes sense to want to track … Continue reading

Neptune Pine review: big watch, or half a phone?

Smartwatches are all the rage, and Neptune Pine has been one that many have been anticipating for quite some time. Since its Kickstarter campaign, many have wondered if the be-all watch was worthy. Can an all-in-one watch provide enough reason to ditch your smartphone, or is it a step too far? Here’s our review, which aims to answer that very … Continue reading

Moto 360 Review: Flawed Charm

The Moto 360 has a lot to live up to. Motorola’s wearable spoiled our first taste of Android Wear smartwatches back in July, leaving the first square-faced examples to run the platform looking hopelessly geeky in comparison. Arguably the closest to a regular watch in design we’ve seen so far, and – though the Apple Watch may respectfully disagree – … Continue reading

VivaLnk Digital Tattoo Review: An Android’s best friend

When we first heard about digital tattoos, the thought of forever bonding one’s self with technology that could very well be outdated by the time the art was done seemed… less than appealing. As it turned out, Motorola’s first chatter on the next level in the wearables game wasn’t quite so permanent. This week we’re having a peek at the … Continue reading

LG G Watch Review: Android Wear goes square

LG is one of the first onboard with Android Wear, and the G Watch is its first gambit in Google’s new smartwatch segment. Unlike the flashier Samsung Gear Live, and the eye-catching – but not yet available – MOTO 360, the G Watch has taken a more discrete route to the wrist. I’ve comprehensively reviewed Android Wear separately, so this … Continue reading

Samsung Gear Live Review: Goodbye Tizen, hello Android Wear

Samsung isn’t short on smartwatches right now, but it couldn’t resist adding another to the roster with Android Wear, Google’s play for the wearable space. Launching alongside LG’s G Watch, the Samsung Gear Live borrows heavily from the Tizen-powered Gear 2 Neo, though with some Google Now sparkle thrown in too. I’ve reviewed Android Wear in full separately, so this … Continue reading

Android Wear Review: Your wrist just got smarter

I’ve wanted Google Now on my wrist since Google’s contextual engine was officially announced. Android Wear, revealed at I/O last week, is the first stage in Google’s mainstream play for the wearables space, at launch effectively the Android notifications tray delivered to your wrist. That’s something we’ve seen tried before, from Pebble and others, but with Google Now there’s the … Continue reading

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LG webOS smartwatch plans revealed

LG is working on a webOS smartwatch, bringing the reluctant-to-die platform to the wrist according to a rapidly yanked developer preview page. The company has already used webOS, which it acquired from HP back in February 2013, on select smart TV models, but it seems the company’s ambitions stretch beyond simplifying the home entertainment UI.

Why Pebble just added fitness tracking, and what comes next

Pebble is breaking into the health and fitness space, opening up its smartwatches to enable full activity and sleep tracking, with partners like Jawbone and Misfit already onboard. Meanwhile, there’s a price cut for the original Pebble and Pebble Steal, including bringing things under all-important $100 barrier. I spoke to Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky about the evolving smartwatch, and why … Continue reading

Oculus Crescent Bay revealed: 360 tracking & 3D sound

Oculus VR has revealed a new virtual reality prototype, Crescent Bay, promising greater precision in motion tracking, more immersive sound, and another step closer to the consumer version. Oculus Crescent Bay, launched at the Oculus Connect conference, has the sort of all-round improvements that “allow for a level of presence that’s impossible to achieve with DK2,” CEO Brendan Iribe claims, … Continue reading

Moto 360 Review: Flawed Charm

The Moto 360 has a lot to live up to. Motorola’s wearable spoiled our first taste of Android Wear smartwatches back in July, leaving the first square-faced examples to run the platform looking hopelessly geeky in comparison. Arguably the closest to a regular watch in design we’ve seen so far, and – though the Apple Watch may respectfully disagree – … Continue reading

Apple Watch hands-on

Apple has made its play for the wearable space, and the Apple Watch will be the thundercloud hovering over all other smartwatches until it makes its retail debut next year. Unmistakably an Apple product, but with some of the innovations we’ve come to expect from the firm, it’s a confident step from an industry heavyweight into a space ripe for … Continue reading

This is the Apple Watch

Long rumored, highly anticipated, and wildly rumored — the Apple Watch is here. Today, Apple made official their first device meant to be worn. Not only their first wearable, Apple is taking smartwatches to a whole new level. Here’s what you can expect, and what it really is.

Jawbone UP API opening to iPhone, Android, WP8.1, more

Jawbone is expected to open up its platform to the movement sensors in devices other than its own UP24 fitness band, with new apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Android Wear expected over the next month. The move, which could be announced as early as tomorrow we’re told, will see Jawbone’s fitness platform pull in data from smartphones and … Continue reading

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