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Apple Watch requirements: lower friction, faster access

The Apple Watch has been launched today – more or less – and is being proliferated around the world through the eyes and ears of onlookers. While some consumers have gotten their devices, most of the population of the world has yet to jump aboard the smartwatch train – or even the wearables train. As such, we’ve had a talk … Continue reading

Understanding Apple Watch: Apps, Glances and Notifications

The great thing about a wearable like Apple Watch is that you need never miss anything from your digital life; the terrible thing is that it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed. While it might seem like a fantastic idea to offload every beep, ping, and vibration from the smartphone in your pocket to an easily-checked spot on your wrist, … Continue reading

The Best Apple Watch Apps: Starter Pack

The first day you own an Apple Watch is a strange one, to be sure. You’re not really sure if you want to stick with the software you get on the device right out the box, or if you want to dive in with a collection of apps that’s already over 3,000 strong. As it were, there are a number … Continue reading

Apple Watch Sport glass bows to sandpaper in scratch test

Remember Unbox Therapy? Yes, he is the same guy who brought video upon video of smartphone bending tests during the height of the iPhone 6 Plus #brendgate scandal. Now he’s back again with Apple’s latest mobile product, the Apple Watch. No, of course he will not try to bend the samrtwatch, which should probably be nigh impossible to do with … Continue reading

Amazon Apple Watch app puts shopping on your wrist

Amazon has updated its iPhone app to support Apple Watch, turning the new wearable into a mobile voice-controlled shopping accessory. The new version of the app, released just as the first Apple Watch orders are shipping out, not only works as a scratchpad for the Wish List, but entire purchases can be carried out directly from the wrist. It’s one … Continue reading

App Store for Apple Watch: browse all 3,000 apps now

It’s time to have a peek at exactly how many apps are being released to the Apple Watch at “launch” this week with the new App Store for Apple Watch. What is an “App Store for Apple Watch”, you might ask? It’s basically a category within the App Store on your iPhone or iPad. You can also access this category … Continue reading

Samsung’s 7th smartwatch will be round

We’ve heard of a round Samsung Gear smartwatch before. We’ve been hearing rumors of this device since before Android Wear came out. Before the first round smartwatch to hit the market, the Moto 360, was released, Samsung was aiming for round display greatness. Here in the Summer of 2015, they’ve all but confirmed that their next wearable device will be … Continue reading

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Minecraft Gameband Review

If you’re in the mood for Minecraft and you move from machine to machine on a regular basis, you may want to have a peek at the Gameband + Minecraft. This unit has actually been in “soft release” mode for a few weeks – it first surfaced a few months ago, in fact, but today it’s on blast courtesy of … Continue reading

TokyoFlash Kisai RPM Watch Review – a minimalist LED watch

Japan is famous for its minimalist approach to style. The Japanese design team TokyoFlash is behind some of the most unique watch designs on the market. They don’t look like ordinary watches. The RPM is TokyoFlash’s latest watch from their Kisai brand. It exemplifies a mix of futuristic yet simple design that we’ve come to associate with Japanese designs. The … Continue reading

Withings Activité Review – Smart gets Stylish

Rather than a smartwatch, how about a watch that’s simply smarter? Smartwatches and fitness trackers have long tried to borrow from the traditional horological handbook, but tech usually trumps style; heck, the specter of the Apple Watch may loom over all wearables, but even Cupertino’s wrist-candy needs no second glance to be mistaken for something different from a regular watch. … Continue reading

LG G Watch R Review: best in class

With the LG G Watch R here at the start of the year 2015, we’ve got very little competition in smartwatches. There are several Android Wear watches made by top-tier brands and a few smart watches made by brands we’ve not ended up sticking with for long. But for now, it’s a war with hardware. LG G Watch R’s body … Continue reading

Microsoft Band review: Flawed promise

The Microsoft Band breaks no ground in wearables, but Microsoft is hoping their submission can at least make you want to own one. The do-it-all wearable has an exhaustive list of features, and carries them across the mobile platform landscape. The aim, it seems, is to let you keep your phone in your pocket and rely almost entirely on your … Continue reading

Jaybird Reign review: in the ‘Go Zone’ of fitness wearables

At CES 2014, we named the Jaybird Reign our best wearable of the show. That wasn’t because it was pretty, had a flashy screen, or even had some other hardware tweak we hadn’t seen yet. Reign got our award based on their software, which promises a singular, holistic approach to your health status. With smart features and Jaybird’s great hardware history, … Continue reading

Misfit Flash Review

This is the story of how I became a believer in the activity tracking trend sweeping the smart device environment. While I was baffled that anyone would want to exercise in the first place back when products like Jawbone UP, Fitbit, and the Nike Fuelband were launched. Now I understand. I get why it makes sense to want to track … Continue reading

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Google Glass v2 in works confirms Luxottica (and v3, too)

Google Glass version 2, hopefully without the sort of styling only a geek could love and more everyday functionality, is already in progress, Google’s eyewear partner has confirmed. The head-worn wearable’s demise in its Explorer Edition form was heralded by some as an admission that the project was a failure, but Google insisted that a phased roadmap was always the … Continue reading

Apple Watch Diary – Getting to know you

iPhone was hotly-rumored before 2007; iPad a frequent topic of debate prior to 2010; but it’s hard to argue that Apple Watch, reaching consumers’ wrists today, is the most controversial of Apple’s recent line-up. Even before Tim Cook & Co. announced the wearable in September last year, the pros and cons of an iOS-powered companion for your iPhone were splitting … Continue reading

An Apple launch like no other

Tomorrow is launch day for the Apple Watch. But it’s not like any other Apple product launch. In fact, completely the opposite. This launch, unlike any other Apple product launch over the past decade, will include no in-store availability of the product at hand. Instead of the Apple Watch being out and ready to purchase by the average consumer, tomorrow … Continue reading

Jawbone UP4 puts American Express on your wrist

Jawbone is taking on mobile payments, with the fitness wearable firm partnering up with American Express to show Apple Pay and others how the cashless society should go. Based around a new flagship wristband, the Jawbone UP4, the payments system embeds NFC into the strap for frictionless transactions across any wireless-capable cash register where a regular American Express card could … Continue reading

Apple Watch success isn’t sales, it’s stickiness

Apple isn’t saying how many Apple Watches it sold in the first weekend of preorders, but arguably the bigger question is how many will still be wrapped around wrists a few months after. Unofficial estimates of sales have suggested as many as a million of the iOS wearables have been earmarked for eager owners, pushing shipping estimates into the summer … Continue reading

Apple Watch: by the (unofficial) numbers

Apple isn’t talking about Apple Watch figures. They’ll probably hit us with official numbers at WWDC this year, so expect a massive screen boasting how many Apple Watches were ordered or sold at that point. Analytics firm Slice Intelligence has the numbers we want, though — unofficially, of course. They estimate that on day one of Apple Watch pre-orders, just … Continue reading

Jawbone UP3 fitness tracker to ship in US on April 20

Jawbone has announced the availability of its UP3 fitness tracker, doing so alongside an apology for the delay and subsequent frustration that delay has resulted in. Says the company, the UP3 tracker is “in mass production”, and it’ll be shipping it out to eager customers starting April 20. The shipments will be going to those in the United States who … Continue reading

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