We salute you Mr. Toilet-cooler-go-cart-making-man, you are a real American hero

Jul 8, 2010

Let the feat of this man prove that you can never underestimate the desire of a geek to keep his frosty beverages and toilets close at hand. A dude named Dave has created the most awesome go-cart ever crafted. He didn’t use anything fancy like carbon fiber, no, that would be too plain, too boring, too already been done.

Dave crafted his awesome cart from a pair of left over toilets (that we pray were unsoiled) and a couple coolers. I know many of you are wishing Dave was your neighbor right now. After all, any man knows that beer and the need for a toilet goes together like Monday nights and the NFL.

A plain steering wheel wasn't good enough for Dave; he opted to go the full Monty and used a toilet seat for a wheel. The cart is even complete with three rolls of TP on each side. You can never have too much beer or too much TP after all, privacy we can live without. Doing 60mph with a beer in one hand while dropping a deuce is living the high life.

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