WD Livewire Powerline AV networking kit offers 200 Mbps speed

Aug 25, 2010

When it comes to getting internet connectivity to your home theater system it can be a big pain. A lot of my gear lacks WiFi connectivity and running network cable inside the walls isn't an option. If you are like me, the new WD Livewire Powerline Networking kit may be perfect.

The new kit has all the parts you need to connect up to four of your home theater components or game consoles to the web without needing a wireless connection or new cables. The system uses the powerlines already ran in your home to provide fast 200 Mbps connectivity.

WD says that the connectivity speeds offered are plenty fast for shooting full HD 1080p video around your home. The system includes a pair of four port HomePlug AV adapters, Ethernet and power cables, and a setup guide along with utility software. The four ports allow you to connect four devices to your network at the entertainment center. The kit sells for $139.99 and is available right now.

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