Volkswagen Design Vision GTI concept unveiled at Worthersee festival

May 7, 2013
Volkswagen Design Vision GTI concept unveiled at Worthersee festival

In Reifnitz, Austria, tens of thousands of Volkswagen GTI enthusiasts converge for a few days at the Worthersee festival to get their automotive fix. During the event, VW shows off a concept vehicle, with this year's being a concept race car called the Design Vision GTI, a sleek vehicle inspired by the 7th-gen GTI. We've got a gallery available after the jump.

According to the announcement, the Design Vision GTI was made by Volkswagen's Head of Design Klaus Bischoff and his team, which gave the vehicle a boost inside and out, tossing 20-inch wheels and an autonomous body into the mix. Power is substantially increased from the standard Performance model's 230 horsepower to 503 horsepower/6500rpm, giving a 186mph top speed.

Such power enables the Design Vision GTI to hit 62mph in a reported 3.9-seconds, a speed that demands carbon-ceramic brake discs behind wheels specially designed with vents to let the brake gas dissipate. There's a DSG dual-clutch transmission and 3.0-liter V6 TSI direct-injection engine, a step up from the standard 2.0-liter four cylinder offering.

Inside, drivers find a design meant to make driving a simple task, allowing hands to stay on the wheel as often as possible. There are paddle shifters, center console controls, and three drive modes: Track, Sport, and Street. In addition, there is also an electric kill switch and a button that triggers a fire extinguisher. Finally, in the center console the designers tossed in a real-time updated display with a map of the racing track with other racers' positions.

[via Volkswagen]

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