Vizio maintains top LCD and LED HDTV spot in US with 30% of market

Nov 23, 2010

I have mentioned before that Vizio is typically the top brand in the US flat screen TV market for good reason. The sets have some nice features at prices that are much better than the competition typically. Other makers like Sony and Samsung should listen up and watch with Vizio is doing, consumers aren’t buying just based on name anymore.

Vizio has announced that it has helped its position as the top TV maker in the US with 30% of the market. The company shipped 176,000 more TVs in North America than its closest competitor. Vizio reports that it led the industry with 15% growth compared to the previous quarter and 30% compared to the previous year.

Vizio also racked up some serious sales with its line of speaker bars with 50% of the market in Q3 according to CEA MarketMetrics Data. Vizio shipped a total of 1.062 million TVs in Q3 2010, up 15% from the previous quarter. The leading competitor saw their sales decline 2% for the same quarter according to Vizio.

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