Viper unveils SmartStart 2.0 for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry

Oct 25, 2010

Back during the summer, I talked a bit about the new Viper SmartStart system that had launched for Android smartphones. The Android app interfaces with the car alarm allowing the user to start the car and get messages from the alarm system right on their phone. The app is offered for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry smartphones.

The latest version of SmartStart dubbed 2.0 has now been unveiled and it brings with it some new features and a new price. The price of the SmartStart 2.0 system is as low as $199 for vehicles that already have compatible Viper car alarm installed.

Along with the lower price also comes a new roadside assistance feature for free. The new roadside assistance feature lets the user get a jumpstart, flat fixed, and help several other issues that might pop up unexpectedly on the side of the road. I would assume you have to pay for the actually service once the assistance arrives on the scene even if calling them is free with the SmartStart app. The VSS3000 Remote Start System sells for $299, the VSS5000 Security with Remote Start System sells for $499.

Via Android Community

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