Viewsonic Android ViewPad tablet gets pictured

Aug 27, 2010
Viewsonic Android ViewPad tablet gets pictured

Viewsonic's announcement that they were bringing an Android tablet to IFA 2010 next week basically added their name to a long list of manufacturers planning the same, but the accompanying image left plenty to be desired.  Happily Pocket-lint has managed to source a couple of better pictures of one of the Viewsonic slates, judging by the scale of the side-mounted headphone and USB ports the 7-inch ViewPad model.

There's not much in the way of extra information about the hardware to be gleaned, beyond the front-facing webcam, what looks to be a microphone on the side, and the usual Android buttons (in this case touch-sensitive) running down the bezel.  However it looks like it could be a little thicker than the Samsung Galaxy Tab, though we'll have to wait for actual specifications of both units before we can know for sure.

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