Vibrating headphones unlikely to shake up PMP market

Jun 22, 2007
Vibrating headphones unlikely to shake up PMP market

Forgive my naivety, but do you really want your ears to vibrate?  Korean earphone manufacturer En-Tech obviously think you do, hence these ugly-looking clip-on VIBE 'phones that remind me of something you might wear in a swimming pool.  The idea is that you boost your experience of the music by firing vibrations through your head in time with it, a sensation that previously would have required turning the volume up so loud that your ear-drums burst.


 En-Tech NVE-100 vibrating earphones

At 99,000KRW ($105.81) it seems an expensive way to get your kicks.  Your musical enjoyment would probably be far better - and cheaply - improved with a set of aftermarket Sony or Sennheiser headphones, which make up in sound quality what they lack in quiver-power.

 VIBE vibrating earphones

En-Tech vibrating earphones

En-Tech VIBE

En-Tech [via AVING]

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