Verizon FiOS customers get Flex View on smartphones and more

Nov 11, 2010

I wish I were in an area served by Verizon's FiOS service. It sounds really cool and if you are lucky enough to be in one of the served areas a new feature is coming soon that will let you download video to up to five different devices to watch wherever you might want to watch. The service is called Flex View.

Flex View content can be found on the FiOS device under the On Demand tab in the Flex View folder. Once you find the content you want to rent or purchase it can be sent over to as many as five different devices. Those devices include smartphones like Android devices, notebooks, and computers.

The set-top boxes in the home count as one device no matter how many are on the network. That will mean that buying the film once lets you watch in the house, on the computer, and on your smartphone. That is a pretty cool feature. Rentals give the user 24-48 hours to watch it. The content is downloaded to the device so no network connection is needed to watch the content.

Via Android Community

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