USB-powered UVmini toothbrush sanitizer for the mobile germ freak

Jul 27, 2010

There is nothing hokey about killing germs and bacteria using UV light. This technique is used in hospitals all around the world to kill airborne germs and germs on other items. We all know that germs can get on your toothbrush, which is a big deal if you have the flu and forget to replace your toothbrush when you start to feel better.

High Vision Korea has a new USB gadget called the UVmini that promises to sanitize your toothbrush with 99.99% efficiency. The little gadget comes in several designs and might save you money by letting you keep your toothbrush after you are sick.

I can see the usefulness of this gadget for many people, but I have to wonder at the USB power method. I guess you could just get one of those AC to USB adapters and leave the thing in your bathroom instead. You can get a version of the UVmini with an internal rechargeable battery that is good for an hour of sanitizing per charge. Pricing and availability are unknown.

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