USA Today brings augmented reality Super Bowl coverage to Android and iPhone

Feb 4, 2011

I haven't purchased a newspaper since college and I only did it then because we had to get them for class. I get all my news for the web today and I bet a lot of you are the same way. USA Today has announced that it will be offering up some cool augmented reality coverage of the Super Bowl that might have a bunch of us buying the paper to check it out.

Starting today USA Today will offer a tour of Dallas Cowboys stadium with an introduction by Jerry Jones. The stadium tour will cover interior and exterior features. USA Today isn't clear how the tour will work, but I gather that images will be in the paper and augmented reality content will be offered using the junaio app on the iPhone or Android.

The cool coverage will come on Monday when USA Today prints images of key plays from the big game in the paper. The user can then point their phone at the images and the augmented reality app will give them animated 3D sequences of the plays. This sounds really cool.

Via Android Community

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