Urban Ears TANTO Multicolor headphones are thankfully limited edition

Nov 19, 2010

Following in the limited-edition footsteps of the short-lived VW Polo Harlequin, Urban Ears has a new set of multi-colored headphones designed for those who don't mind getting noticed. The Urban Ears TANTO Multicolor cans are assembled out of a random selection of different colored parts at the factory, and the excitement - or, for the control freaks among us, bowel-clenching fear - is not knowing what you might get when you open the box.

As for functionality, there's an in-line remote control with a microphone and multi-function button for answering calls and controlling track-skipping. You also get a couple of adapter cables, to use with stereo sources and Nokia phones.

The earphones themselves have 40mm handmade drivers, and the whole thing is decidedly retro (and we're not just talking about the fact that the Polo Harlequin came out in 1995; get with the times, hipsters!) On sale now, in limited amounts, for $47.

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