UltimateKeys OLED Keyboard reviewed: little glamor, but plenty of productivity

Dec 24, 2008

While it might not share the eye-catching splendor of the Optimus Maximus, UnitedKeys OLED Keyboard does at least avoid its full-color rival's jaw-dropping price tag.  OLED-Info have been test-driving the UnitedKeys offering, and while it's still early days - the accompanying software seems to be chief culprit for poor usability here, and there's a marked absence of pre-created icons - they're still positive about it.

Check out the video demo after the cut

Aside from the software and the icon shortage - both of which are apparently being addressed by the company - the keyboard performs well.  Different key arrangements can be linked to different apps, so the 'board will automatically switch to, say, your Photoshop layout when you flick over from Word, and you can even have multiple arrangements per app, manually switched or linked to certain dialogs or control menus.

Beyond the single-color OLEDs, it looks like there's plenty to like about the 'board.  The UnitedKeys OLED Keyboard is priced at $260; alternatively, they'll sell you just the OLED Keypad for $199 if you're happy with your current QWERTY.  Both are bus-powered, and unlike the Maximus don't require an external PSU.

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