UK iPad shoppers to get a deal for the holidays with Orange and T-Mobile

Nov 22, 2010

If you are a UK geek that has an iPad on the shopping list for the holidays, you need to be watching Orange and T-Mobile stores. The mobile carriers are both expected to start selling the iPad directly from the retail stores at a subsidized discount for buying a 3G mobile plan and signing away some of your wireless freedom.

The deals are expected to be formally announced today. Expectations are that the iPad will go for as little as £200 for users who agree to an 18-month contract or a 2-year contract on a data plan. That is way cheaper than the normal price for the iPad of £700.

This may be the best deal going in the UK for the iPad this holiday season. If you are planning to get a new data, plan to go with the iPad 3G version anyway it makes little sense unless you are really allergic to contracts to not take advantage of this deal.

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