UK Boy finds rare whale vomit

Aug 31, 2012
UK Boy finds rare whale vomit

See that goodly sized rock that the boy in the photograph below is holding? Yeah, it's not actually a rock. What the boy is holding is a gigantic chunk of whale vomit. Disgusting is it not? I can only imagine the boy's mother standing behind the photographer with a bottle of hand sanitizer at the ready.

What would make a young boy's mother allow him to hold a chunk of whale vomit? The answer to that question is simple, money. Apparently, whale vomit is rare. I can understand that, I didn't even know whales could throw up. Estimates claim that the chunk of vomit could be worth as much as £40,000.

The chunk was discovered by an eight-year-old boy named Charlie Naysmith and it weighs 600 g. The boy discovered the vomitus windfall while strolling on the Hengistbury Head beach near Bournemouth. The material comes from a gigantic sperm whale and is technically called ambergris. The material has a waxy feel and disgustingly, a sweet smell.

I bet you're wondering about now who exactly would want to purchase a chunk of whale vomit. Apparently, the material is highly sought after in the perfume industry because the substance can prolong the scent of perfume. A pound of the material can sell for as much as £6,300. The boy hopes to open an animal rescue center with the money earned from selling the puke chunk.

[via DailyMail]

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