uCree – First-ever goal-oriented idea translator unveiled by Conscious Ventures

Dec 30, 2009

Conscious Ventures, a leader in consciousness expanding software, revealed the launch of uCree, the first-ever idea translator, based on linguistic programming developed from research on states of consciousness.  This web 2.0 application effectively communicates ideas into reality, in the format of a goal-setting framework.

uCree is actually a web app that attempts to “translate complex ideas into simple tasks which, when aware of, are completed subconsciously by the user”. The first program of its type, uCree promises to integrate comprehensively into the user's life through “email reminders, mobile management, and global account accessibility”. uCree stores as well as keeps the user alert to long-term objectives. The application emails long-term goal reminders each and every quarter, keeping the user attentive of their personal goals.

For those who need assistance in creating their ideas to input, uCree has the capability to break long-term goals into several “action items”, daily goals. Every day, the daily goals are processed in an email to the user at self-defined times and frequency. With this, uCree hopes to essentially link the gap between a individual idea and the action steps required to fulfill it.

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