Twitter User Sinks Sony’s Battleship, Leaks PS3 Hacking Code Via PR Guy

Feb 9, 2011

People who work online can still have a terrible day at the office. Kevin Butler, Sony corporate spokesman, is having one right now. A PS3 fan tweeted the well-meaning PR suit a strange series of letters and numbers. Butler retweeted the numbers, adding: "Lemme sank my Battleship?"

As it happens, those numbers were a crucial bit of code needed to hack the Sony PlayStation 3. Butler had revealed them to a whole world of Sony followers. It was an event worthy of two face-palms.

The Tweeter responsible was @exiva, or Travis La Marr. He expects Sony's legal department to contact him soon. Considering the vigor with which they stamp out piracy, it wouldn't be surprising.

[Via Wired]

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