Tweet-a-watt internet-connected energy meter

Jan 21, 2009

Twitter's rampant popularity looks set to increase even further, as your household appliances begin to tweet for attention.  MAKE maestro Phil Torrone put together the Tweet-a-watt, a hacked Kill-a-watt energy monitor with the ability to wirelessly transmit energy stats and have those posted to a preset Twitter account. 

Tweet-a-watt was designed for the Core77 Green Gadgets competition, but Torrone intends to release the source, schematics and the idea as an open-source hardware project.  That means it's quite likely that we'll see versions of this springing up - DIY and for sale - for some time to come.

Inside the standard Kill-a-watt casing is a sizable capacitor that slowly charges up to power an Xbee wireless module.  That's responsible for squirting out the power stats, which are picked up by your computer (or an Arduino-style microcontroller) and funnelled into your Twitter account.  More than one Tweet-a-watt can be operational at any one time, meaning your whole house could eventually be reporting your flagrant energy wasting.

[via CrunchGear]

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