TRON: Legacy Light Cycle USB Drives Light Up When Connected

Nov 29, 2010

If anyone thought that the marketing push for the upcoming movie TRON: Legacy was going to die down, it doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon. Which makes sense, considering the movie is just about to launch on theater screens around the world. And, while perhaps having the "look" of a TRON-themed gadget may be enough, we fully expect a TRON-themed device to light up in some fashion or another. And thankfully these USB drives do just that.

Other than the fact that these USB drives look like the light cycles you'll find in the upcoming movie, there's probably not a lot going for these small-sized drives. You can choose from the 4GB Sam Flynn model, or the 8GB Kevin Flynn version. If you choose the smaller version, you'll have to drop $24.99 to make it yours, and $34.99 for the larger version. They're available right now, though, at your local Toys 'R' Us. So, the next time you have your computer in the dark, you can plug one of these drives in, and experience TRON in your living room.

[via OhGizmo!]

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