Toyota and Fujita Health University Testing Robot to Aide Stroke Patients

Oct 18, 2010

Toyota, which primarily sees its name planted on vehicles all over the world, is making a hard push for robotics. The company is trying to make the future technology part of its core business, and with that, they're developing new robots to help in all sorts of different ways. Working in conjunction with the Fujita Health University in Japan, Toyota is currently testing out a new robot which they say, will help stroke victims.

The idea behind the new robot is to help those who have suffered a stroke, and have become paralyzed on one side of their body. The robot would help them walk again. Toyota is trying to make the new robot weigh less than robots of its size before it, but still be effective in its day-to-day tasks. The robot would be at the side of the individual, letting them rest their knee on it while they walk, or with their hand on its shoulder if necessary, depending on what the individual needs.

While we know the robot is in testing, there's not much more in the information department. It seems that the university and Toyota are keeping a somewhat tight lid on their creation for now. Hopefully we'll get to see more of the robot in the near future, plus see a working model.

[via FarEastGizmos]

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