TouchPad Introduces webOS Video Calling, Integrated Seamlessly with Phone Calls

Feb 9, 2011

Although this feature has been a staple for a couple other notable mobile OS groups for at least several months now, webOS has today introduced video calling, and it looks pretty darn nice. We're live at the HP / webOS event today learning all about the new devices and the new OS: webOS 3.0, which will be running on each of them. In the middle of a talk about using the TouchPad with the new Kindle app, HP introduced not only the ability to use the tablet as a telephone, but the swiftness in switching directly to video chat at the touch of a button.

This is big news, this and everything else HP has announced for webOS today, it's all amazingly big for a company some folks have been calling dead for months. Video calling may seem like old hat for those of you who've been using it on your Android and iOS devices for a while now, but the ability to switch so easily from a phone call to a video call is not only a big advancement for webOS devices, but for the brand and our collective expectations of a mobile OS as well.

Have a look at a couple images from this part of the presentation below, then check out the rest of our coverage of the event by finding the webOS 3.0 tag! And don't forget, that front facing camera is a 1.3-megapixel webcam, so it's not going to be the most amazing quality you've ever seen in your life, but it'll hold up against Apple and Android just fine.

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