Toshiba adds Blockbuster On Demand to latest Blu-ray players

Jun 3, 2010

Blockbuster is taking a beating at the hands of movie rental kiosks such as Redbox and others. The rental company is also finding that physical movie rentals are not what they used to be with Netflix and on demand streaming becoming more common.

Blockbuster has now announced that it is getting its Blockbuster On Demand network onto a couple of the latest Blu-ray players for Toshiba. The new players getting the service are the Toshiba BDX2500 and the BDX2700. The 2500 and 2700 feature WiFi connectivity for accessing content with teh 2500 needing an adapter sold seperately.

Blockbuster and Toshiba announced that the plan is for the Blockbuster service to make its way onto all new Blu-ray players being released from Toshiba this year. The tech will let uses of the players stream on demand films and offer 1080p resolution and BD-Live capability.

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