Toshiba 6-tuner Regza 3D ZG2 HDTVs and BZ-series Blu-ray DVRs revealed

Apr 20, 2011

It's not just Toshiba's AT300 tablet which is fresh to the company's Regza range today. Toshiba also has a trio of Regza 3D HDTVs - the 55ZG2, 47ZG2 and 42ZG2 - along with three new Blu-ray DVRs - the RD-BZ810, RD-BZ710 and RD-BZ610 - each hitting Japan in late May.

The Regza ZG2 line have IPS displays measuring in at 42-, 47- or 55-inches, 16-segment LED backlighting, along with Active Scan 480 for high-speed screen refreshes. There's also upscaling - both of SD to HD content, and 2D to 3D content - active shutter glasses and 2TB integrated hard-drives that support timeshifting and scheduled recordings. Toshiba has thrown in a total of six digital terrestrial tuners.

The sets are all networked, and support "Remote Play" from Windows 7 along with streaming DLNA content. There are USB ports for hooking up external storage and camcorders for direct AVCHD playback, various HDMI ports and an SDHC memory card slot. No word on pricing or availability outside of Japan at this stage.

As for the Blu-ray DVRs, the RD-BZ810 has a 1TB drive and the RD-BZ710 and RD-BZ610 each have 500GB drives. They also support USB storage, direct AVCHD playback, reading/writing various Blu-ray and DVD discs, and ethernet streaming. Again, no word on pricing.

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