Tocky alarm clock turns you into a gibbering morning idiot [Video]

Oct 22, 2010

The concept of an alarm clock on wheels that would attempt to escape your bleary-eyed grasp every morning never struck us as particularly appealing, but obviously enough people bought a Clocky for its successor, the Tocky, to be green-lighted.  As before, the clock can jump off your bedside table and try to roll away; what's new is the fact it can be programmed with a voice clip or MP3 to blare at you too.

Video demo after the cut

An integrated microphone allows you to set whatever voice message you want to be woken by - might we suggest "quick, the house is on fire!" in a suitably breathless, husky voice - or alternatively you can drop a handful of music on instead.  Touch-sensitive controls will likely prove tricky to find come the morning, while the whole thing is wrapped in a silicone casing to prevent scratches and scrapes.

This sort of frustration can be yours for just £69.99 ($110), which is admittedly a lot cheaper than a toddler.  It comes with a USB cable to load up to two hours of MP3s onto its internal storage.

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