Tiny USB Pico Mini flash drives lands from Super Talent

Nov 11, 2010

It seems like every few weeks Super Talent tosses a new flash drive onto the market to lure geeks to part with some of their money for a new and fashionable storage device. The latest offering from Super Talent has surfaced called the USB Pico Mini and the new flash drives come in two styles.

The Pico Mini C has a retractable USB connector that tucks away inside a case that is about the size of a quarter. The Pico Mini D is the same size but has a case that slides up and down to hide the USB connector. Both of them look really nice and the small size would make them easy for me to lose. The Mini D has a connector that will let you hang it on a key ring though.

Super Talent is offering the small drives in different capacities that will make them appropriate for all sorts of uses. Both styles are offered in 2GB to 32GB of storage. It never ceases to impress me how much storage space we can cram into such a small device today.

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