Tiny LED Push Pin Lights for your Super Cute Tackboard

Nov 5, 2010

Here's something so tiny and light-up that I don't see how you could possibly resist. The Push Pin Light, straight out of the most glorious place for things you might never have thought of, Japan. One of my favorite stores for cute gift purchases, Strapya World, has these little beauties on pre-order now, shipping next week. They come in green, blue, orange, pink, and white, and have replaceable LR41 button batteries so you can use them forever!

At 4.70 USD each, they might be a little bit expensive if you'd like to be spelling out your whole name on the wall, but if you're just interested in marking something like, say, a doorknob in the dark, you might be apt to be picking one of these little ladies up. Poke on - poke off. Find them right over here.

[Via Strapya World]

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