Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel supports Xbox One

Mar 24, 2014
Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel supports Xbox One

Fans of racing and driving games on the Xbox One have a new racing wheel to choose from. Thrustmaster has announced the new Ferrari 458 Spider Racing wheel that is officially licensed from Ferrari. The wheel is a replica of the one inside the actual Ferrari car.

Thrustmaster uses a wheel with an 11-inch diameter making it a 7/10 scale replica. It features a red textured rubber Ferrari grip and has sequential paddle shifters behind the wheel. Thrustmaster equips the wheel with nine action buttons.

The buttons include view and menu buttons, a two-position manettino dial, and an Engine Start button that is actually a d-pad. An Xbox Guide button is also included. Thrustmaster uses the bungee cord mechanism inside to center the wheel and offer feedback while driving.

This isn’t a force feedback racing wheel. The range of motion for the racing wheel is 240-degrees. Adjustable sensitivity allows the driver to choose between four pre-set levels. A pedal set is included that has adjustable throttle pedal and brake pedal with progressive resistance. The racing wheel will ship on April 18 for $99.99.

SOURCE: Thrustmaster

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