Three unveil iPhone 4 plans: no handsets yet but cheap tariffs

Jun 24, 2010

UK carrier Three has left it until the last minute to announced their iPhone 4 plans, though since the handset isn't actually available from them direct as yet, we'll give them a pass card.  As of tomorrow you can take your unlocked iPhone 4 bought direct from Apple and slot in a Three microSIM, picking from their £15 per month plan with 1GB of data and no minimum contract, or their £25 plan with a 12 month contract but more inclusive minutes.  Full details after the cut.

There's also a pay-as-you-go plan with free SMS messages and internet access.  If you want to actually buy your iPhone 4 from Three and get it subsidized, when the carrier does start offering the smartphone it'll be priced at £99 for the 16GB or £189 for the 32GB on their cheapest monthly plan, £30, with 1GB of internet data.  If you want a "free" phone you'll have to sign up to the £45 per month plan, and even then you only get a 16GB model.

Still, the figures hold up well to what's on offer from rival carriers, and if you're an existing Three customer you can call them up and they'll send you out a microSIM to use.  Full details in the gallery below.

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