Three Must Have Products For Men

Michael Goldstein - Aug 31, 2006
Three Must Have Products For Men

Okay, so I admit it, I have been long overdue for a grooming session. I like to think that I take care of myself pretty well. But it was time to up the ante. I’m one of those guys who expects the women I date to take pride in their appearance. Its not just about good hygiene, it’s about them being waxed up and ready to go!

This month, I test drove the following products and services:-

“So you want to be a Porn Star Baby?” Maybe not on video, but when we’re in the bedroom with our significant other we all want to feel like we look our best. Well have I got a great product for you! ‘Norelco’s Personal Groomer made especially for men.

Little known fact: The Kama Sutra recommends that a man shave his private parts to heighten his own pleasure and his partners.

Here’s what the company says: Shave wherever you want. Norelco’s all-in-one grooming system for men who trim and shave body hair. The shaving unit is rechargeable and water-resistant for use in or out of the shower. It has a hypoallergenic foil and several trim heads which gives a close shave with less irritation.

The company says it is a safe and easy way to shave and trim everything on the body from the neck down. I found the unit great for trimming my pubic area and did not experience any post shave razor burn. The advertising for this product shows a pair of kiwi’s. One of them is shaved. Very appropriate and it should raise a little smile. Personally, I found the shaving head too small for trimming my chest hairs. I prefer using my heavy clipper for this job since it is quicker. But if you are new to trimming body hair than take your time. This is a great entry level product. Two thumbs up!

Available in stores April 2006. Price: TBA

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