THKR-4 Humanoid Robot will Rub Your Shoulders, Pour You a Drink [Video]

Dec 30, 2010

Depending on the day, sometimes you just don't want to have to get up to get something, even when it's a drink out of the refrigerator. Completely understandable, and that's why humanoid "helper" robots are still the one thing that many people want in their homes. In Japan, home robots aren't in every home, but there's plenty of them in development. The one big difference between them and this 'bot, designated THKR-4, is that this one was designed with just off-the-shelf parts.

While it may not be the best, or most advanced humanoid robot out there, considering its origins, along with the fact that it's still capable of doing some pretty complicated tasks, the THKR-4 is still impressive. During an event in Yokohama, Japan, recently, the THKR-4 was filmed doing some of its more gratuitous tasks. For example, the robot is able to open the refrigerator, pull out a bottle, and pour a drink. There's even a party favor being shown off. But, the best part is the shoulder massage that the robot's owner receives. Check out the video below to see THKR-4 in action.

[via Robots-Dreams]

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