Third Nokia N8 video demo shows HDMI & Bluetooth peripheral support

Jun 11, 2010

Nokia has posted the third and final part of their Nokia N8 video demos, and having focused last time around on media editing, this time they're looking at how you can consume multimedia.  Not only will the N8 hook up to an HDTV via its HDMI port, you can pair a Bluetooth controller - such as a keyboard or HTPC remote - so as to navigate from the couch.

Video demo after the cut

Nokia also say that developers will be able to access this Bluetooth peripheral support, developing the N8 into a mobile computing platform.  Chris Bennetts, senior product manager at Nokia, suggests that with the right software the N8 could be used as a news aggregator, showing the latest headlines and stories on your big-screen TV as you control it remotely.

Of course, you'll also be able to navigate using the N8's multitouch-capable touchscreen, via a CoverFlow-style UI.  To be honest, we'd like to have seen more of the N8's Symbian^3 OS in these videos, contrasted with the changes from S60 5th Edition; so far it's looking worryingly like a minor aesthetic tweak.

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