ThinkPad X300 is now available to order! Shipping within two to three weeks

Feb 26, 2008

Road warriors, mobility geeks, and little elf, the lightweight ultra-portable X300 has finally arrived. Lenovo is now taking orders of the “MacBook Air” competitor, a 13.3” thin and light laptop.

The ThinkPad X300 comes with a 64GB solid state drive by default and is constructed with what Lenovo called “roll cage” to protect the laptop from harsh road treatment (but don’t drop them in the fish pond). Believe it or not, the advanced roll cage material is the same material used in airplanes and F1 cars.

The X300 based system that starts from $2548 (Web Price – Retail is $3185) comes with Intel Core 2 Duo SL7100, 1GB PC-2 5300 DDR2 RAM, 64GB SSD, and 3 Cell Battery. Adding Ultrathin DVD Burner will put you around $2632 (Web Price – Retail is $3290).

Lenovo’s online store is indicating that the x300 will be shipped to customers within two to three weeks.

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