ThinkGeek Ghost Lamps Keep Your Home Safe from the Wokka-Wokka of Doom

Oct 13, 2010

If you're tired of all those conventional lamps that usually adorn a desk, and if you happen to be a particularly fond fan of Pac-Man, then perhaps these new Ghost Lamps from ThinkGeek will grasp your attention long enough for you to pull out your wallet. The new lamps are actually pretty big, and from the looks of it can manage to illuminate a pretty wide area.

The Ghost Lamps are available now for purchase, and as of the time of this writing were still in stock. There are four ghosts to choose from: red, blue, white, and yellow. The description of the device is pretty unorthodox for the most part, but that's standard for ThinkGeek and their offered products. As for details on the lamps, it looks like they use a standard 20W to 40W candelbra light-bulb, but they aren't included in the package.

Unfortunately, the lamps don't come in a complete set (yet). So for now, you'll have to be ready to drop $69.99 for one lamp.

[via Think Geek]

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