ThinkGeek Electronic Drum Kit T-Shirt takes portable instrumentation to the extreme

Sep 25, 2008

ThinkGeek is always coming up with innovative and interesting products for the geek in all of us. And the Electronic Drum Kit T-shirt is no different. It combines, you guessed it, an electronic drum kit with a shirt that you can wear and even wash.

It works like this: The shirt has touch panels integrated into it and a speaker. The touch drums can make seven different sounds, so you can have a pretty full percussion experience, just by tapping on your chest.

You can easily remove all of the electronic bits to wash the shirt, so you could, in theory wear it often. The shirt requires 4 AA batteries in order to get your groove on. And you'll have to fork over $30 for it. But hey, if you like the drums and want another way to proclaim your nerdiness to the world (and who doesn't?) this shirt is the right choice for those impromptu jam sessions.

[via OhGizmo!]

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