The Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Nov 23, 2007
The Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Everyone needs that one room in their house that is dedicated to Space Invaders, of course, you'll need a seperate one for all the Mario Bros. accessories too. If you're going to dedicate any room to Space Invaders, I would suggest making it your bedroom just so you can have this bad boy lying next to your bed.

This is yet another gadget that has a geek theme, but isn't so obvious that it would end in the average person looking at you like a crazy person. I tend to get that look in when I'm in my various comic book themed PJs.

The clock comes in white, blue/white, and the black featured here. It'd make a great Christmas gift for your favorite geek, now whether or not that favorite geek is you, is another story. Each clock is priced at $63.81.

Space Invaders alarm clock invades with style [via slipperybrick]

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