Thanko USB head massager makes cubicle dwelling workers more comfortable

Dec 6, 2013

Thanko is a Japanese company that is famous (or infamous?) for making some of the strangest USB gadgets out there. The company has a full line of odd gadgets to keep you warm, keep you cool, and to massage away your mundane life in an office cubicle. Thanko offers a USB powered air purifier to make the air you breathe in your office more bearable that we talked about before.

The latest product from the company is a USB powered head massager. This helmet looking device plugs into the USB port of your computer and has vibrating motors to massage away the headaches your job gives you. It weighs 434g and will certainly mess up your hair.

If you find yourself nowhere near a USB port, you can power the head massager using three AAA batteries. The massager is designed to be adjustable to allow it to fit different size noggins. The massager also has different intensity settings.

The intensity can be controlled via a knob on top of the massager. The massager costs about 2980 yen in Japan, or about $30. It's unclear if it will be available outside Japan.

SOURCE: EverythingUSB

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